I offer a free no obligation 15 minute telephone consultation, in which to explore your therapeutic needs and if I am the right therapist for you. In the event we agree to work together, an appointment will be arranged and a copy of my Terms and Conditions and an assessment form sent to you. Please note I work with a broad range of individuals and needs, so the assessment form can be completed together during the assessment should you have special needs such as dyslexia or privacy concerns. 


You should allow an hour and fifty minutes for the assessment, in which the assessment form you would have received from me and completed is unpacked in greater detail. I always encourage clients to keep themselves emotionally safe during an assessment and share what they feel comfortable disclosing at that moment in time. 

An assessment is a data gathering exercise to allow me to garner a greater understanding of your Family of Origin (the family you were raised by), the position you take up in the world, what brought you to therapy, your therapeutic goals and allows me to formulate a bespoke therapeutic treatment plan to suit your individual needs.

How long is a therapy session?

A therapeutic hour is typically 50 minutes, generally once per week. 

Depending on a Client's needs, I also offer an hour and twenty minutes and 1 hour and fifty sessions.

How often should I have therapy?

It is said to take approximately 8 sessions to form a therapeutic alliance to enable a client to  trust their therapist to take them through their therapeutic process. I therefore recommend weekly sessions for the first 8 weeks and thereafter if at all possible, failing which fortnightly, depending on where you are in your process. It can be counter-productive to schedule appointments beyond that as continuity is disrupted and appointments are spent catching up, rather than doing the work. 

Fees & Cancellations

Fees are due and payable on the day of your appointment. 

Please note I require 2 clear business days to cancel an appointment without the full fee becoming due and owing. Please always let me know if you need to cancel an appointment and I will do my best to reschedule within the same week, subject to my availability. 


I will be doing everything I can to ensure services continue as usual throughout this challenging period, but understand that, inevitably, you may be more anxious about arranging therapy. If you're concerned about travel or are self-isolating, I will be very happy to work with you via video-conferencing in the alternative. 


Everything you tell me is strictly private and confidential, unless:-

► You are a harm to self,

► You are a harm to others, 

► You are a harm to children, 

► Children are at risk, or

► You are involved in terrorist activity.

In the event you disclose information pertaining to the above I will remind you of my ethical obligation to report the above before continuing.